Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Journey To Weight Loss Surgery: Post-Op

Hey curvies!!!

If you follow my fitness page on Instagram you may have noticed my name change and a date. My second Instagram account is now Curvybee_RNY_ (here). Since January of this year I have been on this Weight Loss Surgery (wls) journey with the support from Nurse Practitioner, surgeon, my family, boyfriend, and friends I am proud to say I had my surgery May 12, 2017. 

Let me just say that since surgery my main issue was simply nausea. It's said to be normal and I actually believe that, because certain foods my body no longer likes. One thing I can no longer handle is beef. Beef doesn't do my body well and I am willing to give it up forever. Also, early on I was drinking liquids too soon after eating and that caused me to be nauseous after eating. For some reason I thought I had to wait 15 minutes, but later found out I had to wait 30 minutes those extra minutes make a real difference. Those extra 15 minutes make a world of difference.

Another thing I was experiencing dizziness and feelings of weakness. At first I thought I was overreacting or that it was all in my head, but after speaking with my nutritionist for my 6 week post-op I spoke to my PCP and learned I was suffering from low blood pressure. She took me off of my blood pressure pills for 3 weeks and after my follow-up I no longer need them. Yayyyyy!!!! I have since been cleared to workout and I have been doing really well. I am currently down 73 lbs and still cannot believe that. If you or anyone know need someone to talk to or ask question feel free to reach out. With this journey I want to help as many people as possible. 

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