Monday, March 28, 2016

Bee Takes On Pantone: Limpet Shell

Hey curvies!!!!

This is the third and final installment of the March series "Bee Takes On Pantone." This series included some colors from the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring for 2016.

This outfit is probably my favorite from this series! I love a good bodycon, but sometimes I like to cover up my booty (sometimes!). So with this look I did just that, by wearing this "unofficial" cardigan. This cardigan is actually modeled as a swim cover up on the site, but when I laid eyes on it I knew it would be perfect with a bodycon. I finished this look by adding a really cute headpiece and lace up sandals.

Style Notes: With the cardigan I sized up to a 3x, luckily I did because the fit was perfect especially in the arms. The dress is a size 2x and is true to size. The sandals are a size 10 and true to size.

Outfit Details
Headpiece: similar
Cardigan: here
Dress: similar

Friday, March 25, 2016

5 Shapewear Essentials

Hey Curvies!!!!

This post is long overdue. I literally thought to myself, "you can tell everyone what you're wearing but you don't tell people what is underneath." I guess I told myself off! Some of the shapewears below you may have heard of, but this post is different because these 5 shapewear essentials are also seasonally based. What I wear under a dress in the Summer time may not be the same garment I wear in the Winter.


Tights are a girls bestfriend AND control tights are the absolute best thing in the WORLD! These located here are seriously my new favs. These go on without a hitch and last a very long time. I love to wear tights in the cold months, because I get to give my shapewear a break.

Spanx (Thigh Length)

Spanx are located here I know, I know you are probably tired of hearing about how great a good pair Spanx are, but I can not deny the fact they are awesome lightweight shapewear. I usually wear Spanx with jumpsuits because it smooths everything out. Spanx are perfect for the Spring and Summer time because they are light and airy.

Spanx (Panty)

These are located here and are perfect year round!!! I wear the panty spanx under work slacks, tights that are not control tops, jumpsuits, and leggings. Occasionally wear my panty spanx with too short dresses because my thigh length shapewear is too long (see above picture) to control my stomach and booty. 

Wal-Mart Shapewear

These are located here and have to be the best kept secret in AFFORDABLE shapewear. Only $13!!! I absolutely positively love these because they make bodycon dresses worth while! The boning in the back helps them stay up and the gripping in the leg area prevents them from rolling up. Now I highly recommend these for the Fall and Winter, because they do not have ventilation.

Lane Bryant Shapewear 

These located here are perfect with flowy maxi dresses and skirts. These are super light but controls the giggle and restricts inner thigh rubbing. Now these are not heavy duty so don't count on them sucking everything in, because they are light weight.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Bee Takes On Pantone: Iced Coffee

Hey curvies!!!!

This is the second installment of the March series "Bee Takes On Pantone." This series will include some colors from the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring for 2016.

I have been wanting a cute brown sling for the longest. Somehow I would talk myself out of it before even buying it. Not this time! I think the tassel on the side had me sold! I decided to build around this amazing sling. 

This outfit was easy after I found the dress in the same store I found the sling. I completed the outfit with my favorite denim jacket and leopard sandals.

Style Notes: This dress is a size XXL and if an XL was in the store that would have probably fit better, especially in the waist. Also, I am 5'6" and this dress is midi length on me but on the site it looks like a mini dress. The jacket is a size 1 and the sandals are a size 10.

Outfit Details
Purse: here
Jacket: here
Dress: here
Sandals: similar

Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Low Heel Sandals You Need

Hey curvies!!!!!

Over the years I have really become more comfortable wearing low heels. I used to feel like it was a necessity for me to wear high heels and I literally became fine with suffering through a date knowing my feet hurt. I was okay. But after tearing my gastrocnemius muscle (located in the calf) three years ago I found comfort in wearing low heels and really cute sandals. I was in a boot from the end of Winter until Mid-Spring. Since then I haven't gave up on my love for low heels and they've actually became cuter since my injury. 

Please note this list is pretty awesome because I have literally purchased all of the sandals. I will also give sizing infomation.

These located here are super comfy and are wide feet friendly! I have paired these with maxi dresses and maxi skirts, especially the ones that are not floor length to create an area between the end of the dress/skirt and my ankle/leg. 

These located here are the best gray colored sandals I own. These are a little iffy when it comes to wide feet friendly. Because the laces are not adjustable other than how high you want them on leg. I have one wide foot (old sports injury) and it is comfortable on that foot. I plan to wear these next week on my blog.

These are similar pair that I purchased but have since sold out. These are located here. I like them because I have become obessessed with lace up sandals. They look great with my full skirts and maxi dress.

These are located here. Who doesn't need a great gold sandal? I literally wore mine until the gold tip came off, it was time for a new pair. These are just as great as my last pair. 

These located here should be every girl's Summer staple sandals. I think they will pair well with shorts and super cute skirts. Please note these are literally sitting in my online cart. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Bee Takes On Pantone: Rose Quartz

Hey curvies!!!

I remember last year around this time I took on Pantone's Strawberry Ice, but this year I have decided to work with three different colors from the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring for 2016. March theme is "Bee Takes On Pantone" stay tuned!

If you all haven't noticed, I am a really big fan of PINK!!! I literally wear it year round and even had a Pink series back in July 2014 here. Rose Quartz is no different. I wanted to mix soft (pink) and hard (leather) together to create this look. 

This look was super easy after purchasing this amazing skirt, I took items from my closet to complete this look. I hope you all are not tired with seeing this leather jacket because I love it! Then I added my favorite top, a black turtle neck and my super cool fringe booties. Stay tuned because I will be taking on "Iced Coffee."

Style Notes: I sized up with this skirt and ordered an 18 mainly because of the lining. The waist also fit just like my size 16 skirts. 

Outfit Detail
Jacket: similar
Top: similar
Skirt: here
Booties: similar

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