Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bandeauing It

 Hi everyone!

This is the first installment to my June theme "Full Skirts and Maxi Skirts." 

This is my first time wearing a crop top and I went head first with a bandeau top. I felt comfortable in the crop top, because it featured a wide band in the back and around the sides. I wanted a body chain, but the ones I saw were very thin so I made one. 

Let's talk about my custom made maxi skirt that is 48 inches long! I love when a maxi skirt is long enough to cover the top of my toes. I was so thrilled when my good friend Sherita, here, opened up for business. The fabric flows and the elastic waistband compliments my waist well. I am so excited for her to make me more maxi skirts, because they are my summertime staple. Sherita can be reached via email at

Outfit Details
Body Chain:  CurvaceouslyBee 
Top:  JcPenny (here)
Skirt:  AlterationsQueen (here)
Sandals:  DSW

June's theme is "Full Skirts & Maxi Skirts," (#fullskirtsandmaxiskirts) also if I inspire any of your looks use #cbeeinspired on Instagram.


  1. Beautiful Bee!! Can you please give the details of how you made the body chain?

    1. I really can't explain, but today at my closet sale I'll be selling 3 additional body chains.

  2. I love this look! If yu don't mind me asking, I am also getting the same person to make my skirt but how did yu know what size bandeau top to get? I'm a 5'10-5'11 girl so I want mine tk be kinda long

  3. How long did it take her to make your skirt? It's gorgeous.

    1. Please contact Sherita (seamstress) for all information regarding order processing.


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