Friday, January 6, 2017

Bossing Up In 2017

Hey curvies!!!!

I wanted to start my year off right by planning more and bossing up. I completely understand that you can not learn everything from a book, but I intend to learn as much as I possibly can from these three amazing women. The start of 2017 has been different for me and I love it. I usually write my goals down and keep it moving. This year I want to be intentional with everything I do.

My planner is awesome!!! I had countless planners that were super easy for me to tuck in my purse and I literally did not use them last year. I found myself jotting down my thoughts on pieces of paper and forgetting to add them to my planners. This year I decided to get a planner that is like me big and beautiful. I have been keeping this planner near since before the start of year and I am in planner heaven. A cool feature are the folders inside, which is wear I am storing my school notes at the moment.

Now for the reasons behind my book choices:

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