Wednesday, July 19, 2017

10 Things I Learned About Myself

  1. Family is everything to me. I enjoy being around my family. When we are together I laugh until I can barely breath. 
  2. Time is important. I learned to value my time and only give it to those that are worthy.
  3. Sleep is important. Recently I have been trying my best to get 8 hours of sleep because anything less has me cranky.
  4. My facial expressions speak louder than words. I should never play poker. Ever! 
  5. I'm afraid of white denim. Yeah, this will remain a fact until I can find the perfect pair.
  6. I can only be myself. I remember worrying about how people would perceive me and if they would like me or even get me. Now I could careless. I love my personality and not everyone will understand. 
  7. I am cool with being alone. I remember always wanting people around, but these days I am in complete peace by myself.
  8. Hot Chick will forever be my favorite movie of all time! I watched it this past weekend and still laughed hysterically.
  9. I love school! I graduate with my master's degree in September and I am already considering another degree.
  10. Working out is an outlet for me. Working out helps clear my head, sleep better, and helps me be more productive at work.

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Special thanks to @aleverstudio for taking my pictures and @makeupbyparischanel for doing my makeup.


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